[Updated] 2023 Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) for Graduate Degrees Application in the UK

13:47 10 Feb 2023

2023 GKS-G Application in the UK

1. Program Objective

o Global Korea Scholarship is designed to provide international students with opportunities to study at higher educational institutions in Korea in pursuit of academic degrees, which will enhance international education exchange and deepen mutual friendship between Korea and participating countries.


2. UK Quota for Embassy Track: 3

o Unfortunately, University Track is not available for UK candidates.


3. Degree Programs & Period of Scholarship

o Master’s Degree Program

3 years (1 year of Korean language program + 2 years of degree program)

o Doctoral Degree Program

4 years (1 year of Korean language program + 3 years of degree program)

o Research Program
6 months or 1 year

4. UK Application Timeline

o 1 March : Deadline for Online Application Submission

o 2~9 March : Documents screening

o 13 March : Interview invites by email

o 15 March : Online Interview via Zoom

o 17 March : Announcement of the successful candidates in the 1st round (by email)

o 23 March : Deadline for application documents submission (by post or in-person)

o Early May : Announcement of the 2nd round successful candidates (Study in Korea-GKS Notice)

o 14 June : Announcement of final result (by email)

5. Application Submission

1) For the 1st Round : ON-LINE Submission by 1 March 2023

  • Please download attached '2023 GKS-G application forms and guidelines'

  • We only accept ON-LINE submissions of all your completed application forms and supporting documents in pdf format for the initial document screening and interview.

  • Please click the following link to upload your application documents as ONE single pdf file and fill in the form.

- GKS Application Submission Link

  • It is acceptable if your certificates are not apostilled/consular confirmed yet at this stage. However, if you are successful at the interview, you will need to submit the apostilled certificates with all other documents by 23 March with no exception.

  • Recommendation Letter to be submitted separately
    You are required to request four signed copies of recommendation letter from ONE recommender. Please make sure that four copies of Form 5 should be also signed and submitted. 
    All the copies must be sealed in an official envelope with a signature across the back flap, then submitted to the Embassy by POST to the following address no later than 1 March 2023:

FAO:  Ms Hera Jeong

Korean Education Centre

Embassy of the Republic of Korea

60 Buckingham Gate, London, SW1E 6AJ

  • We will also accept ON-LINE submission of recommendation letter sent directly to us at by 1 March 2023. Please make sure that your recommender sign on both Form 5 and his/her own letter and send in PDF format. 

2) For the 2nd Round : Submission by POST or IN-PERSON

If you are successful at the interview, you will need to submit one complete set of original documents including apostilled certificates and four additional photocopied sets for the 2nd round.

- Submission Deadline : Thursday 23 March 2023 4pm

- Submission by POST : Please ensure to arrive by the deadline.

FAO:  Ms Hera Jeong

Korean Education Centre

Embassy of the Republic of Korea

60 Buckingham Gate, London, SW1E 6AJ

- Submission IN-PERSON : GKS application documents can be submitted at the reception of the Embassy. Please make sure the documents are securely sealed in an envelope and cleared marked with your name.

6. Interview

Please note that successful candidates after the document screening process will receive an invitation email on 10 March to attend an online interview on 15 March 2022. No alternative dates are available unfortunately. The selected candidates MUST attend their interviews at their booked time slot. Further details will be provided in the invitation email.

7. Important Notes For UK Applicants

Please take time to read the '2023 GKS application guidelines' thoroughly and refer to the following notes before making your application.

o [For First Round]

  • File format : For the initial online submission, you will need to upload ONE single pdf file of all your application forms and documents.

  • Documents order : Application documents must be submitted in the order of the checklist (‘Application Checklist’) on the first page of the application forms. Each required document must be numbered and labeled on the top right corner. (eg. 9. Certificate of Bachelor’s degree)

o [For Second Round]

  • You must submit ONE complete set of original application documents with apostilled certificates AND FOUR additional sets of photocopied application documents. (One original copy for NIIED, three photocopies for the universities and one photocopy for the embassy)

  • A set of documents must be combined by a paper clip/clamp. (Do not use stapler to bind them.)

  • Application documents must be submitted in the order of the Application Checklist on the first page of application form.

  • Each document must be numbered and labeled on the top right corner. (ex. 9. Certificate of Bachelor’s degree)

o [Apostille of certificates]

  • All original/copied/printed certificates must be apostilled/consular confirmed before submission.

  • Please allow sufficient time for apostille/consular confirmation services even before you find out whether you are successful or not as this may take longer than expected.

  • Apostille service is available at the website and many other private legal offices who offer faster services at higher price.

  • Please note that a certificate will need to be apostilled/consular confirmed only once and then photocopied to be included in the additional sets.

o [Proof of citizenship]

  • UK candidates must submit a birth certificate issued by the UK government as a proof of relationship between you and your parents. Please make sure that this is also required to be apostilled.

  • As UK birth certificates do not indicate the nationality, you must additionally submit passport copies of the you and your parents. If not available, please refer to page 18 of the guideline. Passport copies do not need to be apostilled.

  • UK birth certificates can be ordered online via website.

  • A birth certificate of other countries will need to get a certified translation into English and an apostille/consular confirmation at the embassy of the country.

o [Certificate of Graduation]

  • Graduation date on the certificate should be prior to 28 February 2023.

  • A certificate of expected graduation will be no longer accepted.

o [GPA Grade Conversion]

  • As stated in the guidelines(p.19), a converted transcript using a conversion tool (eg. scholaro or should be officially confirmed/authenticated by the university.

  • However, if your university does not provide with a converted transcript or refuses to confirm a converted transcript with a conversion tool, you may alternatively use our conversion table to convert your grades into GPA on 4.3 scale AND on 100 point scale. Please refer to the '2023 GKS_UK Grade Conversion_4.3scale'.

o [Your Photo]

  • Your photo should be attached firmly on the application form. You may also insert the photo while you fill in the form digitally.

8. Enquiry

o [Courses & admission Information] Contact individual universities or Study in Korea

    (Study in Korea <Scholarships <GKS Notice)

o [General Enquiries] Contact Global Korea Scholarship(GSK)Centre, NIIED

o [Documents submission & 1st round application] 
   Contact Korean Education Centre UK, Embassy of the Republic of Korea UK